Corporate responsibility in the company

Taking responsibility for today, tomorrow and the future.

We stand for holistic digitalisation and paperless processes - and thus for a sustainable, environmentally conscious future.

For us, digitalisation and sustainability go hand in hand - because by integrating our resource-saving solutions, we are already helping our customers to minimise their carbon footprint. We are convinced that acting responsibly in the here and now lays the foundation for a world worth living in tomorrow and beyond.

Our commitment to the German "Sustainability Code"

Although, as a company with fewer than 250 employees, we are not legally obliged to report on sustainability, we have made a conscious decision to prepare a Sustainability Code report. In doing so, we want to make our endeavours towards sustainability transparent, disclose them and set our own benchmarks.

Our measures include the precise measurement of our CO2 emissions, electricity and heating consumption, as well as raising awareness of our social responsibility as a company operating throughout Europe. Our aim is to keep our consumption of resources stable or even reduce it - despite our company's growth.

These endeavours are a central component of our corporate strategy and will help us to continue offering sustainable solutions in the future.

Together we are shaping a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Download DNK report here

Our sustainability strategy comprises a large number of measures that we continuously review and improve:

  • Process management and strategy: We disclose our processes and regularly scrutinise them. We have drawn up detailed reports on our CO2 emissions in order to continuously monitor and optimise our resource consumption.

  • Sustainability community: We have set up our own community that deals specifically with sustainability issues and promotes initiatives such as fair trade coffee and sustainable advertising materials, such as our plantable flyers.

  • Sustainable products: In addition to sustainable advertising materials, we also rely on long-lasting technology and avoid annual replacements in order to reduce electronic waste.

  • Environmentally friendly mobility: Our employees prefer to travel to our customers by train or in car pools in order to minimise CO2 emissions.

status C Bee sponsorship

As a company that operates throughout Europe, we take our role very seriously and want to leave our planet better than we found it. We have therefore established our own status C bee colony in Meißen, Saxony, as part of a bee sponsorship programme. By cooperating with MyHoney, we want to help not only the logistics world but also our local nature to survive in the long term. For us, this is a logical continuation of our corporate philosophy: sustainable and future-proof in every aspect.

What the status C bee colony does for the environment:

While over 50 busy bees are at work in our offices in Berlin and Cologne, there are over 60,000 in our bee colony. The more than 500 million pollinated flowers and plants per year result in a 40% higher yield for local agriculture. In addition, our small workforce saves over 60 tonnes of CO2 through the biomass produced. This corresponds to around 33 transatlantic flights or 300,000 kilometres on the motorway. Incidentally, this also produces over 60 kilos of delicious honey, which not only our colleagues but also our customers are delighted with.

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