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Route processing for scheduling agreements

In recent years, the direct processing of shipping via drop shipments has gained enormously in importance. SAP does not support this process for scheduling agreements in the standard system. Therefore, we have developed a solution package for you that allows you to automate route processing for scheduling agreements.

If you wish, you can even integrate label printing directly into the process.

Our solution is based on the following process flow:

  • Your customer orders by delivery schedule
  • The delivery schedule is transmitted to your supplier without any change in content
  • The supplier delivers the goods directly to the customer
  • Dispatch label, delivery bill and dispatch DFÜ can be either
    • generated from your own SAP system
    • issued by the supplier
  • In case the supplier creates the delivery bill, his delivery note number serves as reference for invoicing

Route processing can be combined with the following variants:

  • Delivery via external service providers (EDL)
  • Delivery to the customer by a subcontractor
Scenario 1
Scenario 2

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