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VDA 4939 - Transport and shipment documents

The VDA recommendation for transport and shipment documents, VDA 4939, standardizes shipment documents and meets the requirements of all parties involved in the shipment process. Our solution therefore includes the forms for transport documents (master sheet) and the shipment documents (master and location sheet) as well as the label VDA 4902 GTL. All VDA requirements regarding form and layout are fully met.

As a standard solution, we can implement these forms at your site at short notice, so that you can use all the documents in your shipping process without wasting valuable time.

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Automotive Logistics

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For more than 15 years, we have focused on IT solutions for processes of automotive companies and suppliers. We know the industry and know very well what we can and must do.

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Who we are

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status C stands for smart solutions, efficient processes and intuitive SAP add-ons - in warehouse logistics, production and the automotive industry.

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