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VDA goods receipt in the automotive industry

Would you like to use your supplier's VDA labels for package-related goods receipt processing? The goods receipt transaction we have developed makes this possible! The supplier package numbers are transmitted via EDI and, if a warehouse management system (SAP WM) is used, transferred directly into the SAP WM system.

By scanning the package number in the goods receipt, the system automatically determines the delivery and delivery group. Both single-stage and two-stage packages can be processed, i.e. master HUs with single HUs or only single-stage single HUs.

Our solution allows you to use the supplier's VDA label for the subsequent logistics process - labeling in the goods receipt process is no longer necessary.

Many, additional functions are also available to you from within the transaction:

  • Reprint label: Print HU. KLT and pallet labels can be printed.
  • WE stock: Display of previously scanned and not booked labels.
  • Change delivery: With each change there will be a QM message created automatically.
  • Pack delivery: If the goods were packed incorrectly by the supplier and repacking is necessary, a complaint message is created. This is sent by mail to the QM administrator, who initiates further steps if necessary.

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