Sharp blades meet sharp minds - AutoStore integration as a recipe for the material flow of tomorrow.

Where great growth is predicted, growing pains are inevitable. With one eye on the here and now and the other on the future, machine manufacturer Weber is preparing for the digital factory of tomorrow - with space-saving Autostore systems at two locations. With the help of status C's Connected Warehouse, an end-to-end logistics concept was created that could even be mirrored as a template solution across plants without any adjustments. Lean logistics and process efficiency at the highest level.


  • AutoStore integration with status C store:IT into the existing SAP WM system

  • Development of the process design for AutoStore at two locations simultaneously


Mechanical engineering, food industry

Time span

  • Go-Live: April - November 2022

  • Roll-Out: April - August 2023


  • Successful implementation of status C store:IT at two locations with minimal roll-out efforts

  • End-to-end logistics concept as a template solution ensures consistent data records throughout thanks to direct connection to SAP WM without middleware

  • Higher throughput in order picking thanks to reduced waiting times and optimised travel times (> 350,000 picks in the first 10 months after go-live)

  • Integration of standardised, Fiori-like apps despite different hardware manufacturers

A slice of the future, please.

Weber Food Technology GmbH is a pioneer in the food processing industry and stands for high-quality slicing machines and efficient line solutions. The machine manufacturer with 26 locations worldwide was already working with intelligent state-of-the-art solutions before the cooperation with status C and is known throughout the industry for its innovative product developments. It is only logical that the "digital factory" at Weber must continue to develop as soon as major growth is forecast.

At the Breidenbach and Neubrandenburg sites, Weber has responded with structural extensions and a new building to further increase efficiency and productivity. The aim is to reduce journey times, increase stock accuracy, reduce floor space and space requirements through space-saving storage and increase the overall effectiveness of warehouse flow processes. And where status C connect:IT is already powering the warehouse lifts, further solutions from the Connected Warehouse are just around the corner.

Two steps forwards, not one step back: double the power from the Connected Warehouse.

At the heart of the project was the AutoStore integration with status C store:IT, which was to cover both warehouse and production logistics. Where previously a dozen warehouse lifts and order picking trolleys were used, the individual production areas and spare parts supply in particular should now be revolutionised with a completely new process design.

And the newly introduced AutoStore system forms the centrepiece of this. Together with the key users and employees on site, processes were broken down, analysed and redefined in order to achieve maximum efficiency in each individual sub-step. Together with the warehouse lift connection status C connect:IT that has already been implemented, the solutions from the Connected Warehouse are now unfolding their full potential and ensuring smooth processes - seamlessly, without the use of third-party systems and, as always, directly in SAP.

More information on AutoStore integration directly in SAP

CTRL C + CTRL V: Copy & Paste on a big scale.

Although the processes were initially designed for the Breidenbach site, they were also designed in such a way that they could be seamlessly transferred to Neubrandenburg. The employees from Neubrandenburg were actively involved in the critical phases of going live in Breidenbach, which enabled a rapid and efficient roll-out at the second location. The transferability of the customising and the identical requirements at both locations saved time and resources.

The implementation at both sites followed a standardised pattern: three conveyor ports for putaway and four carousel ports for picking enabled employees to access the next component without delay. In addition, stocks are consistent across the board despite different hardware and systems and can be controlled as easily as a smartphone using standardised, Fiori-like applications. This reduces the amount of training required and creates greater acceptance among employees.

Thanks to the seamless integration of all solutions from the Connected Warehouse, both existing and newly Connected Warehouse systems can be controlled directly, which simplifies master data and transaction data management within SAP. Textbook plug & play.

  • Heiko Spies

    SAP-Consultant, Weber Food Technology GmbH

    "The collaboration with status C has been uncomplicated and solution-orientated for many years. Our requirements in the project were implemented quickly and unbureaucratically, so that we were able to test the processes and functionality of the Autostore in detail before the go-live."

  • Dr. Dirk Pawlowski

    Consulting SAP Logistics, status C AG

    "The client was very open to optimisation right from the start and gave us a lot of confidence. Digitising a company that was already digitally structured was great fun and gives us a tailwind for our follow-up projects."

Optimisation made flesh: a good year after go-live, we are serving up the first key figures.

The measurable results of the project speak for themselves: in both Breidenbach and Neubrandenburg, picking efficiency was increased by around 30% and storage efficiency by around 23%. At the same time, the stock accuracy and availability of materials increased with consistent FIFO. The success was driven by the partnership-based collaboration between Weber and status C. The mutual commitment was always characterised by open communication, joint optimisation efforts and a deep understanding of digital processes.

Thanks to this approach to transformation, both parties can now look back on a best-practice project that others can take as an example. The two go-lives in Breidenbach and Neubrandenburg, where the status C project team was able to leave the respective plants after the first day, symbolise the constructive collaboration. When it's up and running, it's up and running.

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