Olaf, André and Andreas - Foundation on 3 pillars


Our experience makes your successes

Based on this principle, we manage complex projects for automotive groups, automotive suppliers and logistics service providers as one of the most efficient IT consultancies in Germany.

Since 2001, we have been growing with every successful process: in our team, in our standards and in our expertise to meet those.

We offer the best as a standard

Our mastery of SAP and all logistical processes creates a productive basis of cooperation for you as our client:

  • We know what is feasible and develop a maximum of SAP-compliant functionalities for your requirements.
  • We think of logistics processes beyond the SAP module boundaries.
  • We have a passion for boundaries: We know them, respect them when necessary and overcome them whenever possible.
  • We are fast!

We offer technical excellence, a systematic approach, superior drive and plenty of passion to find optimal solutions and processes for you. Each of us knows the importance of these principles in our company and puts them into practice wholeheartedly.

In addition to all perfection and industry knowledge, we also make sure that the contact with our clients is right: We communicate personally and in an engaging manner at eye level - and thus ensure smooth project execution at all times.

Foundation on three pillars

The success of status C is built on the strong and long-standing roots of the three board members: Olaf Siefken and André Bröder already sat at the same table in school and later on, long before status C, they successfully worked together with Andreas Walter.  Today, each of them can look back on 20 years of project experience in automotive and warehouse logistics.

For many customers it is noticeable from the first contact: status C is the ultimate combination of friendship, experience, trust and professionalism.

Olaf Siefken represents sales with heart and mind and, as a logistics lexicon, he sees a crystal-clear solution behind every confusing process

  • Born in Delmenhorst
  • Studied industrial engineering with focus on logistics at the University of Paderborn
  • Professional focus: Process and IT consulting in production and warehouse logistics as well as optimization of inventory management with SAP (since 1997)

André Bröder is the status C-engineer in technology and software development, who can crack even the hardest nut and at the same time explain it in the most comprehensible way.

  • Born in Westerwald
  • Studied mechanical engineering with focus on IT integration at HTW Berlin, certified SAP SD consultant and developer
  • Professional focus: Design and implementation of special automotive processes from a single source, SAP logistics with a focus on the automotive industry

Andreas Walter is the guiding hand, a visionary strategist and our strength in process analysis and project structure.

  • Born in Berlin
  • Trained logistics specialist, studied industrial engineering with a focus on material flow planning and logistics at the TU-Berlin
  • Professional focus: seamless logistics processes with SAP and logistics topics of the automotive industry (since 1994)

Our team is perfectly coordinated. Everyone understands the work of the others. No one stops at their own task or a specific module boundary: our consultants and developers work across the board and always have the big picture of the project in mind.

The competence of each individual is both an incentive and a reassurance for the others. Ambitious juniors bring innovative fresh ideas, and our experienced heads provide the necessary sense of grounding.

With status C, our customers engage a tightly interwoven network of experts who inspire each other with their opinions and questions, their motivation and social competence. Our team is a team. And out of this emerges the strength from which our clients benefit during every moment of working with us.

grow together in order to prosper together

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Here are our jobs

This could be your new working space

Headquarters Berlin

Since 2001, the year of our establishment, our head office has been in Berlin.  We enjoy the view from the 11th floor at Alexanderplatz and the innovative spirit of the center of Berlin. Our consultants and developers are as dynamic and thirsty for action as this district. 

On more than 800 brightly lit square meters, we design, discuss, customize and program. This is where the innovative, practice-oriented SAP AddOns, which have become our trademark in their user-friendliness, are created from active project work.

status C AG
10178 Berlin

Location Cologne

Our Cologne office is also strategically located in the middle of the Rhineland and in the heart of the city. Since the beginning of 2015, our colleagues have been working in a bright, friendly environment not far from the Media park. 

Especially here you can feel the spirit of growth of status C. Working students, graduates, experienced colleagues continuously expand our team and each of them brings fresh ideas and new approaches.

status C AG
Erftstrasse 19a
50672 Cologne