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Simple and direct - simply everywhere in the warehouse

Connected Warehouse stands for fully integrated warehouse logistics. Standard-based add-ons close functional gaps, directly interlink system and technical components - for efficient SAP warehouse logistics.

The applications are designed to be so optimal, user-friendly and simple that they move closer - closer to the processes in the warehouse and, above all, closer to the people.

The one-for-all system

All inputs and actions are directly linked to each other: in administration, warehouse control, goods recording and route optimization.

This is how logistics runs with ease. On different devices. In all areas. Absolutely synchronized.

Interconnected benefits - digital power for warehouse logistics

The entire warehouse logistics benefits from this modular construction kit of intuitively operable, networked SAP add-ons.

Over 500 successful projects confirm its advantages: faster work, more efficient business. Easier integration, simpler handling. Comprehensive security, full configurability.

SAP add-ons for optimal interaction

Warehouse, system and people - in close cooperation

In order to integrate all tasks and situations of modern warehouse logistics directly into SAP and to coordinate all important interfaces, status C has developed smart add-ons.

They interlock perfectly, but also function independently of each other. All processes are managed and controlled in the simplest way: goods receipt, production supply, return and transfer, inventory and outgoing goods.

application possibilities

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Our claim: Increase your efficiency in warehouse logistics

status C SAP Lagerlogistik

We consult and support you from the logistical process consulting up to the daily operation.


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Who we are

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status C stands for smart solutions, efficient processes and intuitive SAP add-ons - in warehouse logistics, production and the automotive industry.

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