The full potential of production.
Interconnected, simplified, and sped up.

Easy Manufacturing - industrial performance 4.0

From status quo to status C

Easy Manufacturing from status C simplifies and improves the digital interaction of all processes running in the company: Production, intralogistics, quality management and service - as a transparent, integrated system. Paperless and smooth. Lean, fast, and high-performance. In real time. In short: We put an end to the unnecessary waste. 

Waste belongs in the past

Even today, many industrial processes are inflexible and error-prone: paper-based administration delays processes. Information barriers between departments multiply efforts. New specifications require constant adjustments - also in terms of personnel. Waste on all levels, which can be completely eliminated in the industrial age 4.0. With good advice and the right tools. With Easy Manufacturing.

status c, EasyManufacturing, digitale Produktion, SAP, digitale Fertigung

Increase in performance

Faster, safer work through dynamically coordinated processes and information-supported production.

Strengthening of the usability

Simplify knowledge transfer and increase employee satisfaction thanks to digital training through the production system.

Improvement of quality

Continuous improvement of the production processes, because feedback on error sources and optimization potentials is immediately integrated into the work management.

Profitable right from the start - and forever

Features - less effort with more possibilities

  • Live Tracking
    Processing progress and status can be accessed in real time from anywhere. 
  • Individual support
    Data and tips on the respective work step are displayed directly to the employees. 
  • Progressive work
    Intuitive, clearly structured user interfaces promote brain-friendly learning and enable easy access to SAP.
  • Always up to date
    Order prioritizations and assembly drawings are always up-to-date and immediately available - for everyone.

Use-Cases - in the name of simplification

Production control

Highly automated production facilities and manual workstations are coordinated by the same software: SAP. Including data acquisition, documentation, and production support. Deviations can be detected and corrected at an early stage.

Training and process control

New employees can start immediately and autonomously. Step by step they are guided through the production process on a tablet and acquire the necessary know-how while working themselves. Autodidactically, independently, and efficiently.

Customer service

Thanks to permanent data acquisition during production, the black box "in process" becomes a transparent work. Customer service can provide information on the current status at any time and implement adaptation requests directly.

status c, EasyManufacturing, digitale Produktion, SAP, digitale Fertigung
status c, EasyManufacturing, digitale Produktion, SAP, digitale Fertigung
status c, EasyManufacturing, digitale Produktion, SAP, digitale Fertigung

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