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Secure mobile warehouse logistics –
directly in SAP

RF Suite from status C

The unification and simplification of warehouse processes – in SAP

The RF Suite truly makes mobile transactions more secure. Its user interface only displays the essentials- incredibly understandable, incredibly intuitive, easy to operate. It simplifies handling and guarantees the accuracy of the bookings. Users see, understand, are guided through the process, and are protected. With a direct SAP booking, the Add-On brings more stability in the processes; it easily brings people and the system closer together.

Immediate efficiency with future-proof performance

Quickly installed and immediately ready foruse – that’s plug-and-play at its best. Thanks to comprehensive standard processes, 90 per cent of all warehouse usage is innately covered. In the process, the Add-On supports existing environments such as ITSmobile – but also SAP UI5. A reliable partner who makes mobile warehouse processes more transparent for everyone, thereby increasing the performance sustainably: smooth; precise; once and for all.

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Step-by-step process guidance: safe and intuitive operability, clear user guidance, pre-planned processes

Smart design for optimal processes

Extremely easy

A user interface that is as clear and intuitive as the next step. With its specific user navigation, the Add-On enables an entirely smooth workflow. The dynamic input field that features permanently assigned function keys makes it easily understandable, visually reliable, and supports efficiency – without a doubt.

Completely secure

Processes with specified steps help to avoid operating errors. Working directly
with SAP ensures the complete security of the bookings. What’s more, processes can be configured variably: either with animplicit acknowledgement for accelerated workflow or as an especially secure multi-scan – with security and without inconveniences.

Completely flexible

The graphic interface is automatically customised to the hardware. It works flawlessly on scanners, tablets or smartphones. Thanks to customisation, all applications can be individually implemented. Of course, all barcodes can be processed – from the standard barcode to a QR code; it’s simply universal.

For everything in the warehouse – and everything connected with it

As a secure companion, the RF Suite supports all intra-logical processes. With the same performance, it can be used for manufacturing, maintenance and quality management. A comprehensive and simple application with lots of customisable standard functions.

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Standard applications fully adaptable

  • Arrival of goods & putaway
  • Quality inspection and complaints processing
  • Production confirmations
  • Packing and label printing
  • Picking
  • Loading control
  • Shipment completion
  • Inventory
  • Kanban processing
  • Pick-and-pack processing
  • Inventory display
  • Transfer posting directly at workstation

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RF Suite

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