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Highly efficient transportation and forklift management system – fully integrated into SAP

SLS Easy Guide

Transports on the right track – in SAP and in real-time

SLS EasyGuide makes it clear what it’s really all about – an easily detectable visualisation on the forklift terminal. The Add-On thereby optimises all intra-logistical transport processes live and directly in SAP. This interactions works both with, as well as without, a warehouse management system. And for maximum sustainability, the SLS EasyGuide is also SAP S/4HANA®-ready. Steady. Go!

Movement leads to performance

By using the Add-On, all warehouse stock movements become visible. Its intelligent prioritisation increases the performance, reduces errors, and ensuresmore booking preciseness. Fully integrated and providing the driver with all key information,the system brings transportation management closer to people.For ideal, unmistakable processes.

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Manageable, distinct, secure. This is how easy an Add-On can be: the user guidance is focussed on the essentials – in particular on the next step.

Use resources better


Through the smart route optimisation of transpor- tation processes, routes
are shortened, empty runs are minimised, and technical resources are used in the best possible way. In this way, the SAP Add-On increases the overall performance of the warehouse – time- saving, secure, up-to-date and efficient.


A direct integration in SAP ERP/WM or EWM without subsystems makes
SLS EasyGuide particularly safe – and significantly faster. It handles all of the important standard functions for storage, removal and re-stocking from the moment it is installed. Manual or rules- based transport orders are also possible, even without LVS – without compromises.


The Add-On guides the forklift driver safely through the process – for example during performance of the duplicity strategy. A live visualisation provides clear, specific instructions. Its intuitive touchscreen surface greatly simplifies the operation –for consistently simple transport management.

Scope of functionality

Define, organise, optimise

SAP EasyGuide enables the simultaneous management of technical resources and transportation processes. Based on the definition of storage areas and work areas, the Add-On organises the orders created and introduces them into an optimal workflow.

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Supports different stacker types 

  • Weight and volume check
  • Usage area
  • Manual or semi-automatic forklift movement
  • Tugger train

Standard processes 

  • Easy route optimisation, deadheading
  • Task interleaving
  • Transport operations on the basis of WM TO
  • Manual vehicle operations
  • Expanded route optimisation
  • Prioritisation of orders

Expanded deliveries

Transport operations on the basis of:

  • Reservation and movement of material in SAP MM
  • (Series) Manufacturing orders and production confirmation in SAP PP
  • Maintenance with orders and operations in SAP PM
  • Management of empty containers

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SLS EasyGuide

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