Lagerlifte mit SPS EasyConnect bei Müller Martini
SPS EasyConnect in use at Müller Martini

Easier control of storage systems.
Directly from SAP.

SPS EasyConnect - live and direct

The simple connection of SAP and control

SPS EasyConnect brings together what belongs together: It integrates the control of warehouse systems into an SAP EWM or WM environment. Inventory and order management are closely interlinked with order control and technical communication. Everything happens simultaneously. Without subsystems. With intelligent standard processes. Via a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Directly and efficiently.

Direct communication without detours

The combination of SAP functionality and add-on creates a fully integrated warehouse logistics system. It radically simplifies processes - at all levels: in usability, in interaction, in setup. This means up to 25% lower operating costs.

Intuitive interfaces

SPS EasyConnect is as easy to use as a smartphone. Only the essentials are displayed, in user-friendly and touch-optimized size. Available functions adapt dynamically to the context so that everything can be grasped in an instant - for smooth, fast processes. 

Everything SAP-integrated

The add-on creates a system for movement and inventory. With simultaneous control, it allows to execute all relevant SAP functions: Data management and inventory management, central administration of orders and master data - directly from the warehouse. Thus, the usual double inventory management is replaced by inventory security. In real time.

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Areas of application

We are often asked: What can I control with SPS EasyConnect? The answer is - everything that has an interface. Basically, there are no limits to your imagination, and we have even connected entire packaging systems or welding robots. 


But of course, there are also the "standard cases". Here you can read what these are ...

This brings logistics a step ahead


Project introduction and commissioning can be realized in a few days. Operation is then so intuitive and simple that operative processes are noticeably accelerated.


Intelligently designed standard modules reliably cover 90% of all applications. Customized adjustments and extensions are developed for customer-specific processes - with established methods and the best consulting.


No additional software for warehouse connection necessary - everything directly from SAP. This simplifies the technology and makes processing secure. Tested and proven in practice over 447 times.


Travel commands




mit SPS EasyConnect


Hours of time saved


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SPS EasyConnect

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