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Visualization of picking trolleys and -tables

Maximum process reliability - minimum error rates

Picking processes are error-prone and require full attention. In practice, many people still work with printouts on paper - this costs unnecessary time and money!

This is exactly where we come in with our SPS EasyConnect extension: Picking carts and tables can also be mapped via the SPS EasyConnect, just like lifts, shuttles and miniloads, and can be directly integrated into the picking process with the automated warehouse systems. Simple displays and clear confirmation dialogs visualize the necessary actions and assign the goods to their destination. This simplifies the picking process considerably and reduces the error rate to a minimum!

Besides the visualization in the picking dialog, it is also possible to control put-to-light units from the SAP system. Order items can then be acknowledged either in the SAP system or at the light unit.

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Our claim: Increase your efficiency in warehouse logistics

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We consult and support you from the logistical process consulting up to the daily operation.


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Who we are

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status C stands for smart solutions, efficient processes and intuitive SAP add-ons - in warehouse logistics, production and the automotive industry.

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