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Process optimization and control - simply efficient

Using SAP efficiently in the warehouse? A technical challenge. So, let's make it simple: with user-friendly system elements and individually optimized processes. 

Lower costs, increased throughput. The full potential of warehouse logistics is best achieved with comprehensive SAP integration. After all, intelligent dovetailing allows enormous performance increases - through automation and optimization of processes.

Technical passion that truly creates performance. 

We are able to work out highly individual configurations very quickly and efficiently with our customers - thanks to many years of operational experience and being based on ready-to-use standard solutions. With Connected Warehouse, we have all the building blocks for connecting the entire warehouse technology: These easy-to-use SAP add-ons interlock perfectly and master process optimization. These easy-to-use SAP add-ons are perfectly integrated and master process optimization right from the very beginning.

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Connected Warehouse

[Translate to Englisch:] status C Connected Warehouse

To integrate all tasks and situations of modern warehouse logistics directly into SAP and to coordinate all important interfaces, status C has developed smart SAP add-ons for an optimal interaction.

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Who we are

[Translate to Englisch:] status C Geschaeftsfuehrung

status C stands for smart solutions, efficient processes and intuitive SAP add-ons - in warehouse logistics, production and the automotive industry.


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From Transformation to Head Start: Migration to SAP S/4HANA. We support our customers during the migration and consolidation.

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