Storage and transport processes in SAP with status C guide:IT

Optimize your intralogistics through efficient use of transport resources. Control your forklifts as well as your AGV fleets automatically from SAP.

How about making your warehouse and transportation processes so efficient that you save time and resources while relieving your employees? With status C guide:IT, our intelligent transportation management system for SAP, this vision becomes reality. It revolutionizes the management of your technical resources and internal transportation logistics.

Thanks to status C guide:IT, you can efficiently manage and prioritize transport orders, providing optimal support for logistics planners and forklift drivers. Multi-stage transports are arranged in an optimal sequence, and the workflow is optimized. The integration of AGVs is fully supported, making status C guide:IT capable of controlling all movements within the warehouse.

As part of the Connected Warehouse concept, status C guide:IT contributes to increased efficiency through the networking and system-supported optimization of internal transport processes. Discover status C guide:IT now and experience how it can revolutionize your warehouse and transport processes. Make your warehouse future-proof.

Short and simple

Fast plug & play integration into SAP

Efficient transport processes

Paperless processes

Resource saving

External system integration incl. AGVs

Intuitive operation without expert knowledge

Product benefits

  • Fast plug & play integration with SAP

  • Optimization and control of transports and utilization = fewer empty runs

  • Paperless processes reduce errors and risks

  • Interface with external systems including AGVs

  • Intuitive operation, quickly learned without expert knowledge

Your advantages

  • Resource savings through more efficient transport processes

  • Employee relief, less stress

  • Transparency over forklift movements and transports within the system

  • Increase in efficiency and productivity

  • Safety and faster response to critical orders

Efficiency through connectivity in the Connected Warehouse

status C guide:IT is fully integrated into the Connected Warehouse and enables seamless collaboration with other status C products. Thanks to the identical technical foundation across all status C Standards, additional products can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. By having all status C Standards interlock and communicate with each other, we create seamless, digitized, and automated processes in your warehouse and production. Get the most out of your warehouse and production logistics – with the status C Standards!

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