Digitization of manufacturing and feedback processes in SAP with status C operate:IT

Simple and digital recording of production-relevant information such as times, quantities, products and work steps - in real time and guaranteed up-to-date. Increase safety by eliminating paper and minimizing errors.

A milestone for the digitization of your production processes and the integrated control of your production logistics.

Stacks of paper, incorrect feedback, and slowed-down processes in production - all this robs you and your team of valuable time and resources. With status C operate:IT, one of the status C standards from Connected Manufacturing, we revolutionize your production processes, creating transparency, efficiency and sustainability.

With status C operate:IT, data from production, such as times, confirmations, serial numbers, and material requirements, are digitally recorded and processed. This eliminates the need for paper in manufacturing and you benefit from fewer errors, lower costs, and more sustainable production.

Timely information capture and direct integration with SAP improves transparency in process control and monitoring. This enables more reliable planning and helps to detect and correct errors more quickly. Your employees can use status C operate:IT intuitively and without IT expert knowledge, which speeds up processes and optimizes your use of resources.

With digital production processes and networked production logistics, you increase your company's efficiency while contributing to sustainability. Trust in our expertise and let status C operate:IT convince you.

Short and simple


Efficiency increase

Direct integration with SAP

Intuitive operation

Product benefits

  • Easy installation and configuration thanks to plug & play integration

  • Intuitive operation: Quick to learn, no expert

  • Direct SAP integration: No third-party system required

  • Integration of production control and production logistics

Your benefits

  • Digitalization of production processes: directly integrated into SAP

  • Conservation of resources: Saves time and reduces costs

  • Sustainability: Paper savings for environmentally friendly production

  • Transparency and security: Faster error detection and correction, easier traceability

Efficiency through connectivity in the Connected Manufacturing

status C operate:IT is fully integrated into the Connected Manufacturing and enables seamless collaboration with other status C products. Thanks to the identical technical foundation across all status C Standards, additional products can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. By having all status C Standards interlock and communicate with each other, we create seamless, digitized, and automated processes in your warehouse and production. Get the most out of your warehouse and production logistics – with the status C Standards!

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