Integration of RFID systems in SAP with status C tag:IT

Fully automated recording, processing and posting of products and documents along your entire intralogistics chain - whether goods receipt, quality management, in maintenance, in the warehouse, in production, in shipping or in loading control.

The future of intralogistics is digital, networked and intelligent. With status C tag:IT from Connected Warehouse, you rely on pioneering RFID and Auto-ID technology that optimizes your SAP processes and makes your intralogistics more efficient. By implementing status C tag:IT, you benefit from significant time savings and more efficient processes. The fully automatic identification of materials and load carriers as well as a direct integration into SAP MM, SAP WM and SAP EWM increase transparency and efficiency in your logistics processes.

With this type of process automation, status C tag:IT helps reduce errors and sovereign knowledge among your employees. Technically, status C tag:IT offers an uncomplicated plug & play solution that enables seamless integration into your existing systems - whether in SAP MM, SAP WM/stock room management or SAP EWM. This allows you to easily integrate your RFID systems into SAP processes and keep track of your inventory without duplicate inventory management.

Let status C tag:IT convince you of the advantages of status C's Connected Warehouse and rely on efficient, transparent and future-proof intralogistics.

Short and simple

Time savings through optimized processes

Increased transparency of logistical processes

Simple plug & play integration seamlessly into SAP

Technical interface to RFID systems

Product benefits

  • Simple plug & play integration

  • Seamless process integration with SAP MM, SAP WM/Stock Room Management and SAP EWM

  • Technical interface to RFID

  • No duplicate inventory management

Your benefits

  • Increased efficiency through automated processes

  • Transparency in logistical

  • Reduction of sovereign knowledge

  • Process stability

Efficiency through connectivity in the Connected Warehouse

status C tag:IT is fully integrated into the Connected Warehouse and enables seamless collaboration with other status C products. Thanks to the identical technical foundation across all status C Standards, additional products can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. By having all status C Standards interlock and communicate with each other, we create seamless, digitized, and automated processes in your warehouse and production. Get the most out of your warehouse and production logistics – with the status C Standards!

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