If you can't stand the heat, you shouldn't work in the kitchen.

When the going gets tough, commitment, cool heads and a pragmatic approach are required, because this is the only way to implement a lean, standard-based S/4HANA solution with embedded EWM in an extremely short project time at one of the top companies in the chemical industry.


Welcome to a champion of German medium-sized companies

The Wendel GmbH family business based in Dillenburg in central Hesse has earned an excellent reputation as Germany‘s largest manufacturer of enamel, glazes and ceramics. An industry pioneer and a constant innovator since 1932, with expertise in transforming raw materials to a quality product, a leader in enamels and roof tile glazes in Europe, a world market leader for cast powder enamel – these are just a few qualities that describe this company. How do you stay on top for so long? By always moving forward. With good ideas, strong products and superior processes.

New requirements called for new solutions 

Wendel recognized that the existing ERP system no longer adequately supported its business processes. Increasing specializations and constantly growing customer needs call for optimized processes – from raw material storage to production supply processes to shipping. Production and purchasing were also put to the test. All in all, a demanding task, with little time to spare and many tricky challenges – a case to the liking of status C and Suportis.

"No half measures" was the motto of the two partners

Whether logistics consulting, SAP consulting and development, project management, support with system setup or going-live support in sweltering heat, the professionals from status C were not bothered by complex requirements or adverse circumstances in their business. In all areas, from purchasing to production, storage, shipping and sales, things were converted to S/4HANA – including the integration of an embedded EWM for production supply and order picking. The specialists from Suportis AG from Ludwigsburg went to work in the areas of finance and controlling. They implemented modules, trained their employees and took on aftercare duties.

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„Cooperation on an equal footing - something that is often talked about, we’ve lived here with status C and all project participants from the very beginning.“

Jochen Claas, Project Manager at Wendel GmbH

"Especially the going-live support at 40 degrees in the shade was really sweaty. That's when it's important to stay cool. Experience helps, of course."

David Krüger, Consultant SAP Logistics at status C

"Whether next to the melting furnace or in the office, we were able to implement all the desired functionalities in S/4HANA."

Rüdiger Metschies, CO Consultant and Board Member at Suportis

There's no successful project without strong teamwork

What counts in every industry applies even more to Wendel: the chemistry has to be right. Flexibility, pragmatism, direct feedback, constructive criticism and involvement in the operational area: these ideas and processes were intensely discussed and worked out together. This was a real challenge for the Wendel employees in particular, who had previously operated with completely different workflows for many years – their wishes and comments played a major role in process planning. Through intense training and on-the-job training, users were safely prepared for the new, fully integrated system, the new interface and the different processes.

Efficiency has many facets

Paper-based planning or acclamation? Production as a black box from the point of view of materials management and controlling? Not anymore. In all modesty, together, a strong and sustainable result was achieved in Dillenburg in a very short time. The new S/4HANA system significantly increases efficiency and optimizes work processes. To name just a few highlights of the project: end-to-end batch processing for complete traceability, apps for order control and feedback in production, on-premise work instead of cloud solutions, end-to-end mobile processing in SAP EWM and connecting the mixing and weighing system to S/4HANA.

Agile project with short project duration

If everyone involved in the project, from employees to management to consulting partners, pulls together passionately, success is almost inevitable. This is always the best moment for our on-site specialists – seeing that new solutions help the customer maintain and expand their position in times of highly competitive markets.

Klaus Achim Wendel

Let's do it together!