Away from paper, towards automation - with speed, team spirit and fun

Those who drive the energy transition must themselves work efficiently - with future-proof logistics systems. To do this, the innovation professionals at sonnen needed someone at their side who thinks and acts just as agilely as they do. Together with status C, state-of-the-art technology was implemented in SAP: EWM plus add-ons.

Modern and future-oriented on every level

The young company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electricity storage systems for private households and small businesses. sonnen GmbH produces its intelligent storage systems directly in the energy village of Wildpoldsried in Oberallgäu - state-of-the-art technology, locally rooted, internationally networked. The storage facility needed to be as future-proof as its product range. And for that it needed an upgrade. As quickly as possible.

Innovation for innovators 

Summer 2021: The energy transition has arrived in the middle of society. Hundreds of thousands of households a year opt for a PV system with electricity storage. sonnen's business is growing rapidly. That is why the company has significantly expanded production and moved into its "Operations Centre" - one of the largest production facilities for electricity storage in Europe. However, there was a need for optimisation there:

The storage lifts were operated manually and without integration to the existing SAP system. Processes ran on paper - a productivity brake with high error potential.

The leap to the next level should therefore be made quickly: in a team with an agile, EWM-experienced partner - to convert the warehouse system and integrate it into SAP EWM.

Networked intelligence and custom-fit products

status C convinced sonnen both with its in-house products and in its approach: smarter together. The processes were completely rethought, along the replacement of SAP IM and the implementation of EWM. SPS EasyConnect was used for lifts, RF Suite for easier scanner processing.

Together with the customers, a lean and efficient warehouse concept, storage strategies and a kanban for production supply were developed. Agile development, unconventional and intelligent results - with the best user experience.




Digitalisation of warehouse logistics through conversion to SAP EWM in combination with SPS EasyConnect, RF Suite and standard interfaces in the UI5 look & feel


Energy supply


2021-09 until 2022-04


  • Transparency in the warehouse
  • Higher level of automation
  • State-of-the-Art user experience
  • Innovation and Future-proof Warehouse Management System


"Status C is incredibly agile and flexible: the solutions were developed together in the process. And the project team harmonised so well that our new EWM warehouse management could be created at breathtaking speed."

Robert Hoffmann, Head of Logistics at sonnen

When energy comes from fun

The chemistry was right from the start - and so was the pace. Because nothing is more fun than moving forward, both companies found. Open thinking and fast knowledge transfer resulted in perfectly fitting processes in the team.

Increased efficiency and continuous rethinking

With the changeover, the warehouse processes have changed completely; they have become much more transparent - and more efficient. Many things that previously had to be pushed and controlled now run automatically.

But a smart system also has an effect on the way people work together: The way of thinking is gradually changing throughout the company. Feedback is continuously collected; processes are further optimised. People are fully attuned to future viability.


Let's do it together!