Safely lifted off and landed - in the fully digital age

Aviation is a critical logistical undertaking. To enable DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH to operate its technology even more efficiently, status C is digitizing and harmonizing the central warehouse with SAP: a small step for air traffic; a big step for those who are responsible for it.


Design, planning and installation of a digital storage location management in SAP WM with mobile connection via status C connect:IT and status C scan:IT - including process optimisation


Aviation and traffic control

Time span

July 2020 - April 2021


  • Digital transformation of warehouse logistics

  • Workstation-independent, mobile bookings with iPhones

  • More efficient, more precise processes throughout the warehouse

Because heaven needs them

DFS is a federally owned company under private law with around 5,600 employees whose job it is to ensure that flights run safely and on time. To do this, they rely on complex infrastructures such as positioning and navigation systems. A central logistics warehouse is operated to set up and maintain the systems. And its processes must run as reliably as the takeoffs and landings of an airport - ideally digitally.

All new – all digital

DFS gave up its old central warehouse - and built a new, contemporary one. This was also intended to digitize internal processes. After all, this location now combines everything to do with maintenance, materials management, metrology and logistics.

Modern, semi-automated warehouse systems were installed. And what was previously still heavily paper-based in SAP MM was to run digitally, in real time and with greater transparency in the future - using SAP WM.

New building - new technology - new system: all at once. A big task, for which you should have professionals at your side.

Unbeatably effective

To award the contract, an invitation to tender was issued, and status C was awarded the contract - not only because of the economical offer, but also because the add-ons from the Connected Warehouse were perfectly tailored to DFS's requirements.

The work began: A joint team first defined target processes and the system design. Then the solutions were implemented in an agile manner - but with consideration for DFS's operational waterfall model.

Together for more efficiency

For reasons of IT security, classic handhelds could not be used for posting barcodes. Instead, DFS relied on iOS hardware. However, because iPhones only have a camera and no scanner, an additional app solution was needed. With the support of status C, the company began its search and quickly found what it was looking for.

Thanks to the partnership and efficient cooperation, the entire project was realized on time, on budget, and in scope.

Simon Krienke

Head of Maintenance Solution, responsible for digital transformation, Deutsche Flugsicherung

"The implementation of SAP WM should be accompanied by experienced partners; status C has realized this reliably and with great consideration for internal mechanisms. Thanks to the SAP add-ons, our warehouse processes have become mobile - and much more flexible."

Transformation with a future

If you want to transform and digitize your system in operations, you have to be open to new ways - a requirement that has always accompanied both DFS and status C in their daily project work.

The individual course led safely to the goal: to a homogeneous environment without multiple entries - precise and efficient. Further proof that every company can reach its desired digital destination - with status C at its side. No matter how demanding the processes are.

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