Mobile data collection in SAP with status C scan:IT

Simple and secure warehouse management via mobile-app - accurate bookings, integrated directly in SAP.

A warehouse where piles of paper are a thing of the past and employees can complete their tasks with ease and precision? With status c scan:IT, you can make this desire a reality and digitize your warehouse processes. Warehouse logistics are characterized by complex processes, often paper-based and prone to errors. A solution is needed that helps you and your employees perform tasks faster and more efficiently — without sacrificing flexibility.

Short and simple

Save time, increase efficiency & flexibility

Extensive standard applications & fast implementation

Direct SAP integration without middleware

Intuitive operation & structured interfaces

Paperless work & reduction of human errors

Product benefits

  • status c scan:IT enables optimized, system-guided, paperless work by tracking SAP warehouse processes on mobile devices.

  • Hardware-independent, our add-on runs on a wide range of devices, from older handhelds to the latest iPhones.

  • status c scan:IT is integrated with SAP WM/Stock-Room Management and SAP EWM, and is S/4 HANA-ready.

  • The application provides an intuitive and clearly structured user interface.

Your advantages

  • Resource and time savings through optimised workflows.

  • Increased efficiency and reduction of human errors.

  • Enhanced security through clear user navigation and comprehensive standard applications.

  • Fast implementation thanks to simple plug & play connectivity, with no need for middleware.

status C scan:IT – individually deployable. Even in the smartphone browser.

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Efficiency through connectivity in the Connected Warehouse

status c scan:IT is fully integrated into the Connected Warehouse, enabling seamless collaboration with other status c products. Thanks to the unified technical foundation across all status c Standards, additional products can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. Further, because all status c Standards interlock and communicate, they create seamless, digitized, and automated processes in your warehouse and production. It’s time to level-up your warehouse and production logistics — with status c Standards.

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