Storage system integration in SAP with status C connect:IT

Easy integration of semi- and fully-automatic storage systems such as storage lifts, paternosters, AS/RS, shuttle systems, mobile shelving and more.

A truly connected warehouse, where processes seamlessly interlock and your employees can work efficiently…it may sound like some futuristic fantasy, but with status c connect:IT you can turn this vision into reality, revolutionizing your warehouse and production logistics. In today's fast-paced world, companies are looking for solutions that save time and increase efficiency. The challenge is to strike a balance between technical complexity and ease of use without compromising on performance.

Short and simple

Intuitive handling

Hardware independence

Efficiency increase

Time saving

Cost reduction

Connected processes

Product benefits

With status c connect:IT, we offer an innovative solution that impresses both technically and process-wise. Our add-on from the Connected Warehouse — like all other status C Standards — integrates seamlessly into your SAP system for immediate efficiency gains, even during implementation. With our unique combination of clearly structured applications, intuitive operation, and plug & play connectivity, status c connect:IT provides a powerful integration platform for various hardware and systems.

Your advantages

By integrating status c connect:IT, you benefit from a range of crucial advantages: cost and time savings, employee relief, flexibility, and increased picking performance. With our solution, your warehouse and production logistics will run smoothly, allowing your employees to focus on what really matters.

Customer testimonials

Numerous, satisfied customers report significant reductions in operating costs (up to 25%), an increase in process performance, and a minimization of errors and risks. With such impressive performance in mind, aren’t you wondering how our solutions can benefit your business, too?

Efficiency through connectivity in the Connected Warehouse

status c connect:IT is fully integrated into the Connected Warehouse and enables seamless collaboration with other status.c products, thanks to the shared, technical foundation employed across status c Standards. Additional products can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently, and because all status.c Standards interlock and communicate, creating seamless, digitized, and automated processes in your warehouse and production is easy. Get the most out of your warehouse and production logistics by leveraging the power of status c Standards!

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