Inventory management in the production process in SAP with status C progress:IT

Transparent display during every part of production — including the production step — to ensure material flow and unifcation of warehouse and production.

In production logistics, transparency and efficiency are essential. However, production areas are often a work-in-progress (WIP), making it unclear which part belongs to which production step and which finished product. This leads to sovereign knowledge which prevents smooth production, and is precisely where status c progress:IT come in, creating clarity in the production process.

With status c progress:IT, WIP inventories are transparently managed throughout the production process. Every part needed for production can be mapped in the system, tracked, and assigned to the production order with reference to each operation. The WIP-monitor displays all parts of production along with production step and buffer storage location, creating a structured, efficient production flow.

Short and simple

  • Structured production: Production and warehousing are combined, and the flow of production logistics can be influenced by the customer.

  • Transparency and visibility: The current status of production, logistics, and shipping can be viewed at any time, so that bottlenecks can be responded to more quickly.

  • Increased efficiency: An agile production flow leads to improved efficiency.

  • Lower error rate: The transparent display of parts in production reduces errors and misinformation.

  • Security over material flow: Seamless tracking of all parts in the production process creates more security and confidence in the material flow.

Product benefits

  • Structured production: transparent WIP inventory management.

  • Definition in the SAP system of the processing steps in which WIP stock should be created — and the steps in which this is not desired.

  • High visibility of the current status at all times: faster response to bottlenecks and agile production flow.

  • More efficient production flow: optimization of material flow.

  • Deployability: fast integration with SAP WM/stock room management.

Your benefits

  • Reduction of sovereign knowledge: better collaboration and system-based information exchange.

  • Increased transparency: clarity about the production process and material flow.

  • Increased efficiency: improved production speed and quality, significant reduction in search times.

  • Lower error rate: less misinformation and fewer errors in the production process.

  • Security over material flow: confidence in the entire production process.

Efficiency through connectivity in the Connected Manufacturing

status c progress:IT is fully integrated into Connected Manufacturing, enabling seamless collaboration with other status.c products. Thanks to the unified technical foundation across all status c Standards, additional products can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. Further, because all status c Standards interlock and communicate, they create seamless, digitized, and automated processes in your warehouse and production. It’s time to level-up your warehouse and production logistics — with status c Standards.

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