Transparent data visualization in SAP with status C check:IT

Individual display of logistical key figures - fully mapped in SAP and in real time.

A logistics system is only sustainably performant if the status can be verified — online with the relevant key figures — at any time. This creates transparency and indicates at an early stage if deviations or exceptional situations are going to occur. Enter status c check:IT. Like an information tableau at the airport, this warehouse and production control center shows the most important live key figures in your warehouse or plant — exactly where you and your employees need them.

Short and simple

  • Seamless integration into SAP: easy integration to existing systems.

  • Fast implementation: status c check:IT is swift to implement and optimizes your processes in the shortest possible time.

  • Smart standard functions: Benefit from helpful, preset functions.

  • Extensive customization options: Customize status c check:IT to your specific requirements and wishes.

  • Increased transparency and visibility: improve the overview and understanding of current processes in production, logistics, and shipping.

Product benefits

  • Seamless integration with SAP

  • Fast implementation

  • Combination of smart standard functions and extensive customization options

Your benefits

  • Increased transparency and visibility of the current status in production, logistics and shipping

  • Faster reaction time in case of bottlenecks and exceptional situations

  • Increased process reliability thanks to an at-a-glance status overview

Efficiency through connectivity in the Connected Warehouse

status c check:IT is fully integrated into the Connected Warehouse, enabling seamless collaboration with other status c products. Thanks to the unified technical foundation across all status c Standards, additional products can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. Further, because all status c Standards interlock and communicate, they create seamless, digitized, and automated processes in your warehouse and production. It’s time to level-up your warehouse and production logistics — with status c Standards.

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