Paperless & efficient order picking with status C light:IT.

Whether at the stationary shelf or a mobile picking trolley: design your picking processes comfortably, intuitively and paperless with our smart Pick-By-Light solution - as always hardware-independent and fully integrated in SAP.

Thanks to the SAP-integrated Pick-By-Light solution status C light:IT, error-prone and slow picking processes are a thing of the past. Our solution from the Connected Warehouse guides your pickers precisely along the optimal path through your warehouse, thus minimising walking distances and errors. After quick installation and integration into your SAP system, status C light:IT is immediately ready for use and optimises the picking process from day 1.

The signal lights at the storage location enable a clear assignment to the respective order, which makes the processes more efficient and increases the picking performance. Thanks to different coloured lights, multi-order picking - meaning the simultaneous processing of several orders - is also easier than ever. The order is acknowledged immediately at a corresponding button on the light, so order pickers do not need to carry any additional equipment with them. This leaves their hands and heads free for what is really important - a win-win situation for you and your employees.

Rush hour in the warehouse? With status C light:IT, you are perfectly equipped for busy periods and therefore always flexible. In addition, with the integration of a paperless picking system, you make a significant contribution to the environment and design your intralogistical processes paperless.

Short and simple

Paperless logistics

Minimising errors in the picking process

Time saving

Intuitive confirmation

Product benefits

  • Powerful real-time confirmation with direct SAP integration

  • Intuitive operation of the system

  • Minimising errors thanks to unambiguous light guidance

Your advantages

  • Faster order fulfilment thanks to multi-order picking

  • Cost reduction through full networking with the Connected Warehouse

  • Easier everyday work for your employees

Efficiency through connectivity in the Connected Warehouse

status C light:IT is fully integrated into the Connected Warehouse and enables smooth cooperation with other status C products. Thanks to the technical basis, which is identical for all status C standards, additional products can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. Because all status C standards interlock and communicate with each other, we create continuous, digitalised and automated processes in your warehouse and production. Get the most out of your warehouse and production logistics - with status C standards!

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