Global template solution for Phoenix Contact

The future does not wait. It simply comes. Market leader Phoenix Contact wants to get ahead of it and harmonize its complex processes. The plan for this is being developed by status C: for the integration of heterogeneous systems in SAP - with status C connect:IT. So that in the end everything runs together with ease. Global.


Integration of existing warehouse lifts into the central SAP systems with status C connect:IT, status C scan:IT, a clear concept and a lot of know-how


Electronics / Electrical Engineering / Automation

Time span

2016 ongoing


  • One harmonized SAP solution for all subsidiaries

  • Migration from Idoc to future technology

  • Universal interface for connecting new warehouse systems

Location: a worldwide network

Anyone who needs components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering turns to Phoenix Contact. Because the family-owned company from Westphalia is the global market leader. Sales in 2021: 2.97 billion euros. As a group with 74 companies, the company employs more than 20,000 people in over 100 countries. A complex network with a wide variety of processes that should move closer together: to connect to the future.

The challenge is called heterogeneity

A major modernization was on the agenda: the replacement of the old ERP system - at several locations in parallel. The problem: The subsidiaries stock their products with warehouse lifts of different types. Each one was to be integrated into the central system and networked with the sales companies. Phoenix Contact wanted an individual, open solution for this - without the performance disadvantages of Idoc interfaces or the restrictions of self-programmed isolated applications. This complex harmonization task was compounded by the different working cultures of the locations. Not only a technical challenge - also a human one.

A plan that brings everything together

To turn different systems into one, you have to work closely together. A permanent team from Phoenix Contact and status C therefore designed the processes together. This included the integration of different lift types, scales, KBS picking tables and laser pointers. All devices were seamlessly integrated into the SAP system via connect:IT and tag:IT, and customer-specific on-site processes were individually adapted - a maximally complex task for a minimally complicated result.

The outcome in mind from the start

Right from the start of the project, a common culture emerged: the joy of making big things happen - no matter how complicated. A mindset that connects. People met the expectations of the various subsidiaries, stuck together to the goals in the face of unforeseen challenges, and reacted quickly to changing requirements.

Addressing differences - and connecting them

A globally applicable template that can handle all scenarios was created. And: Every process was adapted to the local conditions: to the needs of the people - and not the other way around. One team, one goal, one joint success: For the go-live with 7 locations, more than 30 sampling openings and over 50 connected scales, everything played together perfectly.

Ralf Dreier

Project manager, Phoenix Contact

"Connect:IT convinced us immediately. Also because the different locations require very specific adaptations. Status C developed a flexible concept for this and implemented it precisely. The system runs extremely stably and reliably."

160 days – and counting

Efficiency increase, efficiently implemented: For the major harmonization task, status C required only 160 man-days. Employees could continue to use the existing equipment and continue their work processes as usual - only better and faster. The perspective gain was even greater. Because it became much easier to integrate new shuttle systems. That is why Phoenix Contact did not want to draw a line under it: The cooperation continues. Together, they continue to think the future today.

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