From transformation to the lead: Switching to SAP S/4HANA

The SAP ECC solution will be replaced by S/4HANA by the end of 2027. But that which entails effort and cost can also hold great opportunities. We are here to support customers during the changeover and consolidation — individually, quickly, predictably, and at a reasonable price.

Future-proof digitization. With a high-performance partner.

Gain the advantages of a real-time ERP suite in no time at all with status c. Large amounts of data can be analyzed in-memory within seconds and flexibly, resulting in a higher number of bookings, fewer interfaces, and no redundant data. Thanks to the role-based, personalized Fiori interface, there are also no more media breaks in S/4HANA. Everything is designed to be uniform, simple and efficient.

Those who decide to switch systems early can minimise stress, while taking advantage of future opportunities today. Let’s find the best path forward together; with a strategic overall concept, technical implementation, or both — from the existing SAP ECC, or with a new ERP solution — using a classic, agile, or mixed approach.

Start future-proofing today!

Optimal S/4HANA strategy

Every strategy begins with a few, key questions:

  • What can your path to S/4HANA look like?

  • What are the advantages of a greenfield or brownfield approach — or will you choose a middle ground?

  • Which preliminary projects are necessary, and when should they ideally take place?

  • What projects are needed after the transition, but before the end of 2025?

  • Which checks are needed, at what time, and what do they mean?

  • What new technologies should be learned internally?

  • Which cloud solutions might make sense for you?

  • What effort and costs can be expected?

  • How will the warehouse be handled? In the new EWM (Basic/Advanced/Embedded/Decentralized) or by means of Stock Room Management?

Together, we’ll find the right answers.

S/4HANA pre-projects, conversion and optimization

Whether performing an S/4 Readiness Check, Customer Code Check, Business Function Check, or alternative test methods, we carefully analyze all details of your existing system. We support you all the way — from upgrading your HANA database, to customizing the development of your expansion. We help you optimize your performance so that you can get the most out of your HANA system.

What does the Simplification List mean for you? Whether it’s Business Partners, Warehouse-EWM, Stock Room Management, Transport Management or other areas, we successfully implement your processes. We also actively support you in the implementation of the relevant preliminary projects, and are there to assist with customer-vendor integration, the conversion to the new general ledger, the new asset accounting, the new processing for foreign trade, the conversion to MIGO transactions (instead of the classic inventory postings), or the elimination of batch-input functionalities.

We’ll gladly set up Fiori applications for you — including a user concept and, of course, the development of required Fiori UI5 apps. We have thought of everything: not just in theory, but in practice. Meticulously preparing your changeover, we’ll accompany you throughout the entire process — from test planning, to test execution, to going-live.

S/4HANA new implementation in the midmarket

Midsize companies face specific challenges when it comes to strategic planning for S/4HANA implementation. For example:

  • Should you choose a cloud or on-premise solution?

  • How does this solution fit into your digitization strategy, and how will it be implemented in a future-proof and cost-effective manner?

  • How soon can the first visible benefits of the new system be expected?

  • Our solutions meet your organizational requirements, and the rapid profitability of your project is always our focus.

Having handled numerous projects for top, medium-sized companies, we know what’s important and contribute with tailor-made concepts to significantly increase growth, transparency, customer-orientation and flexibility.

We’re also happy to take over the SAP education and training of your employees — you simply need to decide on the project approach. But whether classic or agile, we stand for pragmatism and use best-practice processes. A sandbox system allows you to arrive at the best solution, while our model factory allows us to define the right process flows in the shortest possible time.

Ease of use is our trump card: We make S/4HANA fly for you, quickly, predictably and cost-effectively, making maximum use of the standard functions to do so. The project phases include strategic planning, hardware selection, system sizing and process analysis, optimization and, if necessary, standardization. Other parts of the overall package include prototyping, test planning and execution, implementation, training, and preparation and support for going-live.

Things we can help you with:

  • Analysis of an existing system

  • Development of a changeover strategy

  • Implementation — from upgrading the HANA database to customizing extensions

  • Fiori applications — including development of the UI5 apps

This is how the S/4HANA integration could look like for you:

20. February 2024

EWM S/4HANA-Integration at DocMorris

When dozens of external warehouse systems have to be connected in the middle of an EWM S/4HANA integration and several hundred thousand storage locations on over 20,000 square meters of warehouse space have to be mapped, even our experts break a sweat. The work was worth it, because Europe's largest e-Commerce pharmacy DocMorris is now fit for the future.

27. November 2020

S/4HANA implementation at Wendel

How a lean, standards-oriented S/4HANA solution with Embedded EWM can be implemented within an extremely short project duration.