status C & EasyCargo

EasyCargo 3D is planning software that automatically arranges freight in trucks and containers in an optimal way - for ideal space utilization, load distribution and logistical handling. Our direct SAP integration makes loading processes easier, cheaper, faster.

A cooperation we are proud of!

User-friendly solutions move logistics forward. That's why we are cooperating with EasyCargo and have fully integrated the software with SAP. This means that all data on shipping goods is fed directly from SAP into the planning program. This simplifies processes immensely, saving capacity, time and money.

Your advantages of direct SAP integration

Direct data transfer

Relevant package data is transferred directly from SAP to EasyCargo and is immediately available for planning - no copy & paste, but a lot of time saved.

Simple selection

Constant and clear overview of all packages according to desired criteria such as deadline or recipient to easily determine sequences - not manually, but automatically.

Perfectly integrated plans

Planning results from EasyCargo 3D are immediately available - in the SAP monitor and to create a transport in the truck or container with visual support.